J2S - Forging Your DESTiNY

Webinar Presentation

Pete Asmus

Topic: Forging Your DESTiNY
Presenter: Pete Asmus
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Journey 2 Success™
From Mind Set to Action Steps everything you need to create an Incredible Foundation 

7 part series


  1. Cutting through the Fear- deciding on a destination and becoming the person who can complete it.  Just because you don't have the resources, knowledge of experience to accomplish your goals right now that OK!  Pick them up Long the way.  
  2. Finding your Foundation- creating the environment to THRIVE through focused actions and deliberate intentions.  To THRiVE YOU MUST build a network that's Bullet proof/ follow through.  Most people suck at follow through. They can start anything, they just can't finish it. They bounce around and people find them flaky and untrustworthy
  3. Forging habits - turning should's into Must's. Learning when to say yes and when to say no. Finding your red light green light.  Look timing is everything and the sooner you start the faster it will all come together
  4. Fate's Cycle of Success - what it's going to take / no short cuts / no looking back   And How to find the perfect time/it's always now. 
  5. Fast acton actions- it's time to burn the ships and hammer the gas because we are hitting the Nitrous button on your ACTiONS.  to Create a plan/strategy that's effective, efficient and executable.  And the EXECUTE!  Take action.  The right strategy and game plan are essential to not only reaching your goal but significantly cutting down the time it takes to get there. But if you don't MCR it won't matter.
  6. Nuclear Focus - now that you have a fire hose of action, it needs to be focused in the right way.  This isn't time to lose momentum it's time to go nuclear.
  7. Clearing a path to the Future -  how to catapult your results with Leveraging the Resources you already have and don't even know! 
The harder you FOCUS the clearer your goal becomes along with the strategies to achieve it 
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